Urban City Fresh 


Urban City Fresh is a non profit organization managed by Centered Table LLC as of October 2015. The mission of the organization is to create a culture of healthy, sustainable urban living.


The organization is currently raising funds thru it's late night street food market  and looking to partner with similar missions to co-author grants. 


After founder, Lara Holland, spent over 3 decades working to connect fresh produce to restaurants and individuals, she noticed there was a new problem to solve. People within inner cities were having issues getting access to fresh food. People were calling these "food deserts."


Equally mid sized growers were struggling to get their products to marketplace and urban farming became a huge initiative.

Other issues continued to rise including joblessness, beautification, obesity, hunger, health. The goal became clear. Urban City Fresh connects all the resources to work to knock out these challenges.  


View Urban City Fresh Full Website. 

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